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Free Tours Bilbao ® is the #1 free tour in the city, specialised in tour guides services, and also it's the only company offering daily walking tours all year long with a free price which the clients decide at the end of the tour.

We were the first!

The Free Tours Bilbao ® project was born in 2004 on the initiative of its founder Irati Díaz de Tuesta, being the first 'free tour' that was in the city of Bilbao, offering in summer season and being the most popular guided tour option among tourists and visitors

Currently, in collaboration with its founder, the company Spain Free Tours manages and offers guided tours throughout the year, every day of the week.

Our team is 100% made up of local tourist guides: professionals with extensive training and experience. We are not students or inexperienced volunteers, we are real tour guides!

What we do

Every day you can join our 'free tours' and get to know the basic sights in the old town (HISTORIC BILBAO tour) and also the modern area (MODERN BILBAO tour). Both tours are FREE - freedom to decide the price-  so the price is up to you.

Bilbao Tour Guide - If you want a private service just for you and your group, visit the GROUPS page and you will find examples and ideas for tours and trips, and don't hesitate to request for a quotation.

Going to San Sebastián too? We also offer our services in San Sebastián, everyday and all year long! Don't hesitate to visit our another website for Free Tour San Sebastián

Our Team

Local guides, extensively trained and passionate about our profession. We are: Ashley, Begoña, David, Usua...and all the team behind!

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