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Join us at the “HISTORIC BILBAO” tour and inmerse yourself in the city’s culture and traditions, going all over the most iconic monuments of the Old Town of Bilbao.

History is important but even more are the curiosities and the stories that shaped the city’s streets and the unique personality of the local people. This city fascinated leading figures as John Adams, second president of the United States or the king Amadeo de Saboya. Did you know he was involved in one of the most unforgettable “bilbainadas”?

We know you care about gastronomy, that’s why we have prepared a little gift for you and we will suggest you traditional and modern places to take the best “pintxos” and more typical dishes through the walking tour.

We will wander through the “Seven Streets” that hold hundred-year-old shops, we will visit remains of the port past of the city, pieces of the old wall and the cathedral that is a mandatory stop at the “Camino de Santiago”. Although we have two cathedrals in Bilbao… Do you know which is the other one?

Come and discover much more with us!
We are waiting for you!

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what we see

We visit different places...

How to find us

Remember to look for the orange umbrella when you arrive to the meeting point, "Plaza Arriaga"

Teatro Arriaga

Arriaga Theater

Did you know that the Arriaga Theater gets its name from the famous composer with the same name, nicknamed "the Spanish Mozart"?

Paseo del Arenal

Arenal Promenade

Former boat dock, now it's one of the liveliest places of the city

San Nicolas

Church of Saint Nicholas

This church witnessed tragic events like the flood of 1983, that to this day, we can still see its mark

Placa Riada


Learn about the most transcendental events that have marked the evolution of the city of Bilbao

Plaza nueva

New Square (Plaza Nueva)

Famous for its 'pintxos' bars, in this square took place one of the most famous "bilbainada" (local curiosity) of recent history


Mallona Stairs

Don't worry, we won't walk up this stairs!, but we will explain where do they go and why they are important


Miguel de Unamuno

He's maybe one of the most influent people of Bilbao; a man of letters, philosopher, politician... a controversial person


Saint Anthony the Great

Core of Bilbao's old town and place where the first port of the city was located, these two elements (church and bridge) are so important that we can find them in the coat of arms of Bilbao

Mercado de la ribera

Ribera Market

The biggest indoor market of Europe, by the riverside of the Nervion river, it's a must see stop

Catedral de Santiago

Santiago's Cathedral

Dedicated to the Apostle Santiago, patron saint of the city, since Bilbao is part of the north 'Camino de Santiago' (Way of Saint James)

Fuente del perro


The dog's fountain. Or are not they dogs...? Come and discover it!